I know its been said many times, but the men and women of our armed services don’t get nearly enough credit for their sacrifice. I’ve known quite a few who’ve given their service to this country. My fellow blogger Keith did his time in Airborne back in the late 80’s. But let me tell you about a friend of mine who has paid a great sacrifice for his country, for you and I.

Marine Sgt. Jonathon Blank, who I’ve recently became acquainted with, lost his legs to an IED last week while on patrol in Afghanistan. Right now, he’s in England while the doctors try to stabilize him enough to bring him back to the states.

My oldest daughter dates his twin Linden, who did two tours in Iraq himself. Consequently, we have become good friends with the family. Nothing feels so helpless as when good friends are in a crisis and there’s nothing one can do to change it. I don’t like being in that place.

If anyone feels inclined and would like to help out, a fund has been established in their hometown of Augusta at the Augusta White Eagle Credit Union, 2830 Ohio Street, Augusta, KS 670100-2361. I know the Blanks could certainly use your prayers right now also as they wait in Maryland for their son, their brother, to return.

You can read more about it here also:

Update 11/2/2010

Here’s another article from the local paper, The Wichita Eagle, “Flight to U.S. hospital delayed for badly hurt Marine

The list 2 places that are taking donations:

  • Care of Jonathan Blank Family, White Eagle Credit Union, 2830 Ohio St., Augusta, 67210.
  • Care of Jim Schoen, vice president, Southwest National Bank north branch, 2150 N. Woodrow, Wichita, 67203.