Last Call For Venison

We’re heading out for the final weekend of deer hunting for the late antlerless season. This time I’m taking my wife for her first hunt. Which seems to be the predominate hunting I’ve done this year. My daughter had her first dove and deer hunt this year. Now it’s the good wife’s turn (it was her idea to pick up the Marlins anyway).

We’re heading back out to the Buttons ranch that I took my daughter to. Hopefully I can find the deer before we have to go this time. We have some weather moving in late Sunday, I really hope that it stays out there. They’re calling for snow Sunday and Monday. I just hope we see more then deer butts running away through the trees this time and hopefully on our side of the fence.

So, good luck to all those out wrapping up Kansas deer season. Keep your powder dry.

4 Replies to “Last Call For Venison”

  1. Well thanks, but I wish we’d had better luck. I have a new respect for the people who hunt deer in the woods, those things are ghosts!

    Saw some, but man they were elusive.

    1. Hey Rory, thanks for visiting the site.

      It went OK, she took a shot, but no deer. She handled the cold well, better than I anticipated she would. Hopefully, next year is her year also.

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