Plains Hunter is a web site chronicling the adventures of two guys, Keith Lumry and Bill Bolte, as they hunt on the prairie of western Kansas. We’re often joined by friends and family throughout the various seasons.

Western Kansas is a diverse area with lots of wildlife and interesting terrain. It’s a dry and harsh environment, but wildlife thrives out here. There are Whitetail and Mule deer, pheasant, quail, turkey and if you’re lucky, you might spot a pronghorn out on the plains.

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  1. Keith, I checked it out like you asked. Very cool. It will be neat to keep up with your adventures. Good Hunting and may your bullets fly straight

  2. Just FYI:
    I don’t think I would ever snort salt from a bar salt shaker for $5…

    I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard since the Night of the Foo-tee…

  3. I recently received an gmail with your website on it and decided to check it out. Pretty nice if I must say so myself. It is always pretty cool to read other peoples views about my interest. Keep up the good work. James

  4. You should add Facebook to your blog site. To Bill Hogan, I was there for that salt snorting event…that was one of too many funny stories I can tell on old Keith. Maybe I should start a blog of just Keith stories….

  5. Hey Guys!!
    I came across your blog this afternoon and I enjoyed the read… I also own a couple blog style websites and I was wondering if you would be interested in adding one of them to your blog roll and in exchange I will add a link on http://www.huntingwhitetaildeer.net to your blog..?

    If this is possible I would like you to link to http://www.HuntOnly.com and use the text Deer Hunting in the link so it looks like this Deer Hunting….

    Let me know if this works for you and I will get your link added right away!!

    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!!


  6. Hey Keith-

    David Bonnet and I are sitting here at work talking about you. It has been a long time. What are you up to besides hunting in Western Kansas??

  7. Michele and David,
    Glad you stopped by.
    When I’m not hunting in Western Kansas I try to sqeeze in some family time and Lawman stuff.
    Hows tha airline bidness?
    Really cool to hear from you.

  8. Hey Bill – It has been a LONG time. Good to hear from you.

    Keith- All is well. Not much new with me since last time we talked…2008?? I will assume from your comment you are still in LE? I have a photo you and Bill will get a laugh out of. Where shall I send it??

  9. Hi Keith. Ended up on your blog during my own hunt for a new hat for my husband. If I have to look at/smell his old camo cap for another season, he will have to stay in the woods. Would you mind telling me where your’s came from (Jan 22 post)? Thanks a million

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