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Kansas Pheasant and Quail Season Opener

ringneck pheasantThe pheasant and quail opening weekend will kick off in a couple of days here in Kansas. I haven’t been out on opening day in a couple of years due to spending all my allotted hunting time on deer. This year sounds like it should be a good one and I’m really looking forward to getting out for a couple of reasons.

One, I’ll get to see some guys I haven’t seen in a couple of years since I haven’t been out. There’s friends coming in from all over. Some from southeast Kansas, Wichita, Augusta and even the east coast of the U.S.

Two, and the best reason, this will be my daughter’s first opening weekend. She’s 17 and this will only be the second time she’s gone hunting. Her first time was at the end of last season after she had finally finished Hunters Safety Clinic. She also had saved up her money from working a Christmas job and bought herself a double barrel shotgun – made me want to cry. On her first time out, she dropped two quail. I was definitely the proud papa. I’m looking forward to her reaction when a dozen pheasant come blasting out of their hiding spot.

Last count, there are maybe a 8-10 hunters showing up for the opener. It’s always a good time, even if I don’t get my limit – which is most of the time (like I’ve said before, the bird population has never been in danger from us). I love being in the outdoors, hanging out with friends and seeing all the wildlife. And the traditional stuff that goes on at hunt camp.

Keith will always have to suddenly go do something when it’s time to clean the birds. Jason will complain about Keith being gone. Sam and I will complain about our sore legs. There’s always lots of stories told around the bonfire after the hunt, some true, some not, most exaggerated. It’s definitely good times.

I’ll post a report of how things go, hopefully a good report. Wish us luck!

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Mid Week Hunting Round Up

Some random articles from around the web…

Hunters Help Feed Homeless, something the anti-hunting crowd doesn’t ever bring up, how much hunters share their bounty with the needy.

Why you should get your kids interested in hunting, I’ve gotten my youngest daughter interested in hunting and took her out for the first time last season. Will definitely be taking her pheasant and quail hunting next month.

After years of 100’s of unsubstantiated sightings, finally, a confirmed cougar sighting in Kansas. My dad claims to have seen one in South Central Kansas, towards the Oklahoma border. He didn’t get a photo though, but he was with his fishing buddy and he saw it too.

State by state quail hunting forecast from the Quails Forever site. Things look good for Kansas in general. It’s been a long time. Nothing more fun than a good quail hunt.

State by state pheasant forecast from Pheasants Forever site. According to them, Kansas should be excellent. Higher populations overall and specifically in the NW part of the state. SW Kansas should be improved also – which is where I’ll most likely be.

And close to my heart, The Possible Shop has an article on sighting in a Hawken rifle and determining optimum loads.

And I haven’t quite determined how I feel about this article yet,  Couple to hunter: ‘Leave without your dead deer’. I totally respect their right, since it is their land, but it just seems a bit mean to me. Of course, being a hunter, it’s hard for me to understand some, SOME, anti-hunters.

And I leave you with this quote (courtesy of The Hunting Authority):

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” -Samuel Adams

That’s it for this week. Keep your powder dry!

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