Gun Appreciation Day

If you’re a regular reader, you know we don’t get political on this blog really. But this is to important to pass up. Saturday, January 19th is Gun Appreciation Day. If you’re a gun owner, That’s the day to show your support and solidarity for the 2nd Amendment. Go to your state capital at noon 1/19/2012. The following links have more information:

So, go out this Saturday, show your support.Write your representatives and senators, state and federal.

Keep your powder dry!

UPDATE 1/15/2013: President Obama will announce his gun control proposals Wednesday, 1/16 at 11:45 AM EST. Listen up! Tomorrow we will know where things are going and finally have a picture of what lies ahead.

My Marlinitus Is Acting Up Again

I’ve been a lifelong Marlin fan since I was a boy due to my father’s Marlin Golden 39A. If I had the resources, I’d have one in every caliber available. However, I don’t have the resources, much to the pleasure of my wife.

Today, I came one step closer. I managed to snag a deal on a 39A this morning to add to the other Marlins I do have. It’s a sweet little gun and everyone needs a 22 lever action right?

I picked it up from a sale that Gander was having. Evidently the guns at this sale were from a store that was flooded back east. Not sure why  our store had this sale, none the less, I fought off the 600 and some odd other buyers and managed to snag this one.

Gander said they inspected and cleaned all the firearms before the sale. Not being that much of the trusting type, I broke her down and did my own cleaning and inspection. I didn’t find any issues, but it did appear that the rifle had been shot. I probably need to pull the furniture off and see how that looks underneath.

I hope to get it to the range soon and see how it shoots. While this is a good looking rifle, I can see some differences from my dad’s 39A For one, the fit and finish is a bit looser than my dad’s. And his has some detail that this one doesn’t. Mine doesn’t have half-c0ck either. His doesn’t have the cross-bar safety like mine. I also thought it weird that Marlin would put a rubber stock end on it. I mean, its only a .22, not much worry about recoil.

But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not disappointed. It will look great next to my 30-30!

Keep your powder dry.

Signting In The Marlins, Round 1

Finally had a chance to get the Marlins to the range last weekend. It was my first attempt at sighting in a scoped rifle. We didn’t do to bad. The Good Wife’s shoulder started bothering her after a while so we stopped after we finished up at 50 yards. I guess I need to watch how she’s holding it in her shoulder.

We still have some work to do yet, we were pretty close at 50 yards. Still needed to get the windage in before moving out to 100 with the scoped rifle. I have some adjusting to do with the rear site on the other one, didn’t have the time out there.

The open sight rifle is shooting to the right. So I need to adjust the rear sight some to compensate. I was shooting Federal and Remington rounds through it. The scoped rifle started out to the right and low also. I don’t have much experience shooting a scoped rifle, so it was all new. Can’t say I disliked it. We only shot the Federal ammo in it this time.

Below are the results:

Target from 50 yards from the scoped Marlin
Target from scoped Marlin at 50 yards
Target from 25 and 50 yards from the open sight Marlin
Target from 25 and 50 yards from the open sight Marlin

The Marlins Are Set Up!

I finally have the Marlin 336 rifles set up and I’m ready to get to the range – as soon as I get some time. Seems I’m either busy or their closed. But anyway, we both found straps we like and I finished mounting the scope on the good wife’s rifle yesterday. I decided to leave mine with open sites for the time being. I think they both look pretty nice.

2 Marlin 336's

I really like the straps we found for them. Glynne’ picked hers up at the last gun show we went to. I found mine on eBay.

Marlin Close UpBill's Marlin

I really like the single bullet holder on my strap, although it kinda swallows a 30-30 round. So there they are, ready to get sighted in.

And speaking of 30-30 rounds, has anyone out there used the Hornady LEVERevolution round? It seems to be reasonably priced (I’ve seen it for a lot cheaper than what’s on that page) and the specs look interesting. Just wondered what kind of experience anyone else has had with it out in the field compared to the other rounds from Winchester, Remington and Federal. I use the Winchester Super X in my Enfield and love it. If you haven’t used the Hornady, what’s your favorite 30-30 hunting round?

Charlton Heston’s “A Torch With No Flame”

No one could say it like Chuck could. Let’s never forget or get lazy. And actually, this is pretty sad, when you think about it…

NRANews — November 15, 2009 — Charlton Heston discusses passing on the legacy of the Second Amendment. In this spellbinding performance, the NRA past president challenges Americans to keep freedom’s flame alight from generation to generation. Delivered with unedited authenticity reflecting a deep love for his nation, Mr. Heston’s eloquent message radiates truth as it lights the American way.

Chisholm Trail Gun Show This Weekend

Nothing like a gun show to get one through hunting withdrawals. The good wife and I will be heading out to look around since we’re still looking for her rifle. This is the big spring show here in these parts so there’s always a lot to see and wish about. I’m really looking forward to it.

Speaking of hunting withdrawals, anyone going turkey hunting next month? I still haven’t found a spot to hunt turkey on yet.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, You’re Killing Me

marlin 336So, we’ve decided on the rifle to buy. But apparently, so did everyone else, because there’s not a Marlin 336 to be found in this city. I kid you not. Well actually, I did find one, but the sporting goods help on the phone was rude (you’re loss Wal-Mart). It wasn’t exactly what the wife was wanting, she wants the scoped version.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has exactly what we’re looking for, only they don’t have any in stock. They don’t have any in stock in this state either. So we have a rain check. It has the scope and is the same price as others without a scope. Shoot, it’s lower than some used ones I’ve seen on auction sites. And Dick’s can’t tell me when one will come in, nor can they ship one from another store.

So, now we wait. I’m not good at waiting. Please Dick’s Sporting Goods, hurry…