Dick’s Sporting Goods, You’re Killing Me

marlin 336So, we’ve decided on the rifle to buy. But apparently, so did everyone else, because there’s not a Marlin 336 to be found in this city. I kid you not. Well actually, I did find one, but the sporting goods help on the phone was rude (you’re loss Wal-Mart). It wasn’t exactly what the wife was wanting, she wants the scoped version.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has exactly what we’re looking for, only they don’t have any in stock. They don’t have any in stock in this state either. So we have a rain check. It has the scope and is the same price as others without a scope. Shoot, it’s lower than some used ones I’ve seen on auction sites. And Dick’s can’t tell me when one will come in, nor can they ship one from another store.

So, now we wait. I’m not good at waiting. Please Dick’s Sporting Goods, hurry…

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