Kansas Quail and Pheasant Opening Weekend

I was able to make it to the opening weekend for pheasant and quail this year after missing it in 2010 (which was a banner year, right guys?). The reports weren’t good for western Kansas due to the heat and drought we had over the summer. But this year, it was about more then just going hunting. Keith had beat cancer and was finally back home. This year was a celebration, hunting was just the vehicle to celebrate with.


The usual crew was there, minus a couple of friends that couldn’t make it. We only saw 5 roosters that Saturday, but we got into 3 large covey of quail. The quail was a pleasant surprise as I expected to see even less of them. Of the roosters, only 1 was in range for a shot, and one of the Nate’s took it. Lots of quail were taken, not sure of the final count. My daughter Mariah ended the day with 3, I managed to drop a couple.

Keith even managed to accompany us to one of his favorite spots, the infamous “tail water pit”. That was one of the spots we busted a covey of quail at. Keith even managed to drop one. I think that was the highlight of his weekend.

I was excited to see quite a few deer all three days were were out there and am looking forward to deer season coming up in December. My wife is as well. This will be her second hunt. We’re going to set up our stand at an old ranch south of Meade thanks to Jason Edwards. Keith and I had scouted that back in 2010, but we never made it out there to hunt, so I’m looking forward to setting up on a new piece of land. I’m hoping that the wife and I both get a shot, we definitely need some meat in the freezer.

All said, it was a great weekend and we’re all relieved of Keith’s outcome and glad to see him back home. We had lots of great food, lots of great discussions around the bonfire. We feasted on elk stew and the ladies made some great dutch oven cobblers. And of course, the traditional visit to the Duck Inn for a burger.

I hope everyone had a great time out. Looking forward to getting in the field again. Keep your powder dry.

Benelli Shotgun Cancer Relief Raffle

Update: Just wanted to let everyone know that we raised $8,100 for Keith and his family. Way to go everyone and I hope the winner enjoys his new Benelli. I know that I’m totally jealous, that was one beautiful shotgun.

As you know from my last post, Keith has been battling cancer since the beginning of this year. As is the case with any family going through this, it’s very hard on the family budget. A raffle has been started to help the family out with their finances. The prize is a Benelli Franchi Renaissance Field 12 Gauge shotgun. Tickets are 1 for $10 or 6 for $50. The drawing will be October 9th, 2011. There will be a table set up at the Chisholm Trail Gun Show the weekend of October 8-9, 2001, with the drawing taking place @ 4 PM October 9th.

Please stop by the booth and pick up your tickets. Here is more information on the raffle: gun_fundraiser_flier