Turkey Hunt Number 2

I went out on my second turkey hunt this morning. It was short, we only had a couple of hours, but my buddy wanted to give it a shot.

As I frequently do, I under-dressed for the weather, it was 45 degrees when I stepped out of my vehicle at 5:45 AM. It’s May for crying out loud! I was thinking 60. Luckily, my buddy had an extra shirt that, coupled with the adrenaline, kept me warm enough.

We had a couple of gobblers right off the bat. Our stand is about a mile north of the Ninescah river with a country road between us and the river. The turkeys were down along the river, we could hear them in the tree line there when we pulled in. We hurriedly got set up and waited for the sun to come up.

I haven’t got the knack for calling yet, so my partner was chattering on his slate call. He saw the jakes get up to the road, but they wouldn’t cross into our field. He called at them for over an hour and they just weren’t that interested.

So, I’m zero for two now. But that’s alright. It’s always good to get out in the field. And in this instance, I can be patient.

Keep your powder dry.

Update (5-4-2010): it looks like I’ve managed to get poison ivy. I saw it, had hoped that covering every inch of my skin with clothing would keep from getting it. But not so. Must. Not. Scratch.

Turkeys 1, Bill 0

My first turkey hunt ended without a turkey. But hey, I’ve always said, a bd day of hunting is still better than a good day at work.

Started the evening hunt by spotting 2 jakes as we were pulling up to the field. They high-tailed it out of there and never came back. We did have a hen show up n hour before sundown and hang out until she left to go roost.

My partner, whose family owned the land we were on, said that it might still be a little early yet. We didn’t here any gobbles all evening, which he claimed was unusual.

So, I  might get another chance this upcoming weekend. Looking forward to it!

Hunting From A Different Perspective

Jack Landers, from one of my favorite hunting sites “The Locavore Hunter“, has an interview on the blog “Let Them Eat Meat“. Both Jack and the LTEM site are from ex-vegans. Jack however has taken up hunting and has some of the best pro-hunting articles I’ve ever read.

But I truly like Jack’s philosophy of hunting, so much more than the testosterone filled pages of most hunting magazines. Anyway, take a gander over to the interview and support a fellow hunter who’s ventured into the land of people who say we’re the enemy. And drop by Jack’s site, you’ll become a fan as well.

It’s Turkey Time!

I might get to go turkey hunting this weekend. Suhweet!

A friend’s family has some land not far from here and he invited me out on Sunday. Let’s hope it works out. It would be my first turkey hunt. I should find out for sure¬†tomorrow.

Now the wait…