Gun Appreciation Day

If you’re a regular reader, you know we don’t get political on this blog really. But this is to important to pass up. Saturday, January 19th is Gun Appreciation Day. If you’re a gun owner, That’s the day to show your support and solidarity for the 2nd Amendment. Go to your state capital at noon 1/19/2012. The following links have more information:

So, go out this Saturday, show your support.Write your representatives and senators, state and federal.

Keep your powder dry!

UPDATE 1/15/2013: President Obama will announce his gun control proposals Wednesday, 1/16 at 11:45 AM EST. Listen up! Tomorrow we will know where things are going and finally have a picture of what lies ahead.

Charlton Heston’s “A Torch With No Flame”

No one could say it like Chuck could. Let’s never forget or get lazy. And actually, this is pretty sad, when you think about it…

NRANews — November 15, 2009 — Charlton Heston discusses passing on the legacy of the Second Amendment. In this spellbinding performance, the NRA past president challenges Americans to keep freedom’s flame alight from generation to generation. Delivered with unedited authenticity reflecting a deep love for his nation, Mr. Heston’s eloquent message radiates truth as it lights the American way.