New Kansas Hunting Regulations

I’ve been waiting to see how the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission was going to vote on a few new regulations. It’s now legal to use a crossbow during deer archery season. They also dropped the rifle cartridge limit, so all those new AR owners can now use them to hunt during rifle season.

I’m waiting for the actual regs to be posted on the KS Wildlife and Parks web site, but if this article on is factual, the new regs say any centerfire cartridge is now legal. Here’s the quote:

Any centerfire rifle or handgun cartridge can now be used for big game hunting during the appropriate firearm season.

I’m not totally sure what I think of that. While I don’t have a problem with a .223, I’m not sure a 9mm pistol cartridge should be legal. I know that it’s all about placement, but really? I’ll guess we see. Overall, I think most of the new regs are a good deal. The good wife is excited about taking her crossbow out.

What do you guys think about the new regulations?

I Don’t Get To See This Everyday!

So I’m doing some chores this last Saturday, I go out to the front porch and see a beautiful rooster pheasant casually stroll out of the front flower bed. I casually back into the house and frantically search for my camera. Here are a few shots as I followed him down the street. The first two shots are through my front window.

pheasant-1 pheasant-2 pheasant-3 pheasant-4

Now, mind you, I’m in the middle of our suburb here in town. Not sure how he managed to get himself lost back in here, but he’ll have a time getting himself back out, our area doesn’t have a straight street to be found. He was a beautiful bird, I hope he finds his way back out.