Hunting Bag Decisions

I’ve been looking for a new hunting bag to use mostly when I’m muzzleloading. So I’m needing a possibles bag. Problem is, I just can’t figure out which style I want.

Currently, I have an old milsurp musette bag. It looks good with the Enfield, not so much with the black powder rifles. I’m not really interested in playing dress up, but I would like the bag to match the rifle a bit better.

So I’m thinking about making my own bag. I kind of know what I want, but I can’t really find it out there. Most of the inexpensive bags just look to poorly made. The others are just way out of my range, like this English Hunting bag.

Here’s some of the things I like. Jedediah Starr has a couple of canvas bags I like, this Haversack and this Long Hunter’s bag. They are both very reasonable, not sure how well they might hold up though.

I like this Shooter’s bag at Crazy Crow, but it’s a bit out there in price also.

So I’m thinking of making my own. Probably something similar to the Shooter’s bag style but I want a canvas or woven strap. I’ve seen these straps that aren’t necessarily canvas as the weave is much looser, more belt like. Not sure what it is exactly. I also like a knife sheath on the back of the bag, I’ve seen that a couple of times and can look pretty cool. A couple of pockets on the inside to keep everything in its place and I’d be good.

So it looks like I might be learning how to do leather work. Just need to decide on the leather and get busy.

So you muzzleloaders out there (and I know you’re there because I see what you’re searching for), what do you guys use out in the field? Did you make it yourself or buy it?