August 2009 Deer Scouting Trip In South Western Kansas

the water hole we were watching
the water hole we were watching

We recently did our last scouting trip before muzzleloading deer season starts up next week. We went to a new piece of ground that we haven’t hunted before and has just become available. From the road, you can’t help but think that nothing can be out there, it’s way too flat! But we’ve always seen deer and this time wasn’t different.

We were watching a water hole about 30 yards in front of us, sitting in waist high grass and weeds when a small 6 point and a little larger 10 point whitetail came in. The 10 point’s rack was beautiful and very symmetrical. I apologize for the poor photos, I only had the use of an old camera that weekend.

We watched them drink and graze for nearly 30 minutes before the two got in behind us where the grass was much lower. It didn’t take them long to figure out we shouldn’t be there and they ran off over the hill.

Look through the weeds to see Mr. 10 point.
Look through the weeds to see Mr. 10 point.

It was pretty exciting and I hope Mr. 10 shows up next week, although, one never knows. I haven’t watched this ground enough to know the habits of the deer that come out here

There is a large gulley to the north of the water hole that the deer seem to use quite frequently. We’ve seen trails and bedding areas back in there, so I’ll definitely be watching those areas as well.

So, wish us luck next week.

Hello World!

Yes, hello! Welcome to our adventure as we chronicle our hunting out in the western Kansas prairie. We might be a little unconventional at times, but it keeps things interesting.

Muzzleloading Deer season is about to kick off next week (September 21 to be exact) and we’re excited to get out in the field. We hope you enjoy our adventure, but probably not as much as we will.

Keep your powder dry.

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