Hello World!

Yes, hello! Welcome to our adventure as we chronicle our hunting out in the western Kansas prairie. We might be a little unconventional at times, but it keeps things interesting.

Muzzleloading Deer season is about to kick off next week (September 21 to be exact) and we’re excited to get out in the field. We hope you enjoy our adventure, but probably not as much as we will.

Keep your powder dry.

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4 Replies to “Hello World!”

  1. Really looking forwards to our hunt.

    Corn is just starting to be harvested. This ought to keep deer of all sizes moving. Our stands should be hot any time of the day!

    Watch your topknot!


  2. Hey Bill,

    I hope you read this post. As Itold you on the phone I saw a 150 class 10 pointer from my stand last night. Always a problem though. If I had been down by the cut bank where I knew I belonged I would have been within 40 yards. the wind would have been in my face and we would have had meat on the ground!

    As it was I was about a hundred yards out and in low light just did’nt want to chance it.

    If you can make it this weekend I think you stand a good chance of putting him or one of his brothers down!

    Anyhow let me know,

    You KNOWWW you want to go HUUUNTINGGG……..

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