Weekend Hunting Wrap Up

Well, the Marlin finally came in and the good wife is happy. She picked up a sweet shoulder strap at the gun show this weekend. All we need to do now is mount the scope and get down to the range and dial it in. Hopefully, as the weather warms up, we’ll be able to do that in 2-3 weeks. She’s going to need to get used to shooting again, since it’s been quite a while since she’s done any real shooting. Looking forward to taking the wife to the range.

I was doing some reading and this story over at Locavore Hunter (which I hope to review one day). He gives a brief discussion of how he keeps his freezer stalked year round and talks about hunting starlings. Yeah, starlings. It has never really occurred to me to hunt starlings, being brought up to disregard “junk” birds. Very interesting. I might have to change my thoughts along these lines and I’m totally in agreement with the Locavore philosophy (which basically means local food).

In other stuff, Kansas is considering elk hunting for 2010. I wonder how much the land owners are going to charge to get on their land?

Also, a friend of mine is opening his land to hunting this year, visit the Buttons Ranch for more info if interested.

And a shout out to fellow Kansas, Deer Passion, who has a new little addition to her family. Congrats!

That’s it for now. Keep your powder dry.