Going Primitive

After watching the Discovery Channel’s “I Caveman” reality show last summer, my wife and I became intrigued by their use of an Atlatl. It was introduced to the show’s participants by a man named Atlatl Bob. The wife decided she wanted one. A few months go by and at the Fall CTAGA Rendezvous, I met a man named Tomy White how was selling his wares. He’s a leather worker who had a blanket set out with various bags, gourd canteens, etc. Oddly enough, he had an atlatl and an assortment of darts. I got my wife to come over and Tomy gave her a demonstration. Shortly thereafter, the deal was struck.

Well, we picked it up the other day. Tomy did a nice job on the atlatl and he gave us some lessons on throwing. He also showed his sling throwing technique.

And needless to say, we did some throwing on the Friday after Thanksgiving while out at my wife’s family Thanksgiving get together. Below is me making a toss. I do apologize for the video quality, it was just off my camera and it was very windy.

Here is one of my brother in laws taking a throw.

And here is Tomy himself throwing his.

And if you’re interested, you can look for Tomy at area Rendevzous in the region throughout the year. Or you can contact him directly.

Tomy White
3855 SW 120th
Augusta, KS 67010
(316) 775-6237