Late Rut for 2013

So, according to Wired To Hunt, the rut should be late this year due to the “rutting moon” predicted to happen on November 17th, way later then most years. Now, for me, I like a late rut because that means the deer are still a little crazy during rifle season here in Kansas. Keeps them moving around later in the season.

So what do you guys think? Do you like a late rut?

2 Replies to “Late Rut for 2013”

  1. And last season, the 2011 rut peaked in mid-November, almost two weeks later than the previous year, but as predicted. We will have to wait until May for the fawn drop proof. But trail cams and success stories have been proof enough, though certainly anecdotal, that Northeast and Midwest whitetails carried out their annual ritual right on que.

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