Wearing of Blaze Orange

Just read this article here at Deer & Deer Hunting magazine where they’re discussing the pros and cons of blaze orange during deer hunting season. There’s a few interesting tidbits in there, especially about UV and blaze orange camo. Some of the hunters in our group have tried adding black lines on their blaze orange vests to break up their lines. I’m not sure of the success that has had.

What’s your thoughts? Have the deer spotted you in your blaze clothes or not?

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  1. As to whether I’ve been busted by whitetails in blaze orange, I doubt it, but blaze orange is the law here, so I wear it. A better point was that of ultraviolet brighteners. These are added to fabrics to make them appear brighter. You can tell if a fabric has been treated by looking at it under a UV lamp in a dark room. If it has been treated, it will glow. Our eyes don’t notice the brighteners in daylight, but some cameras are sensitive to UV and it may show up. Watch out for laundry detergents with brighteners, they will cause the fabric to glow after washing. It’s best to use plain detergents without brighteners.

    1. Hey Bill, thanks for posting!

      Don’t get me wrong though, not advocating breaking the law. It’s required for us here as well. We’ve had long discussions on whether or not the deer see it or not. I agree with you on the UV part. Most of the blaze orange I wear is older, so I hope that the brighteners are gone (if any was in there).

      I don’t recall myself whether I’ve been busted because of orange and am like you, I doubt that I have. Most of the times I’ve been busted is because I moved or made a noise when I shouldn’t have. I had hoped this article would spark a good discussion though.

      Thanks again and good luck this season.

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