My Daughter’s First Deer Hunt

Well, we’re all set for my daughter’s first deer hunt this weekend. There was a nice 9 pointer taken the opening weekend, but there’s still a bigger one running around there. At least, that buck wasn’t the big one we’ve been seeing on the trail cams. Hopefully, he’s still around. It would be really cool if she get’s a shot at him.

And no, it won’t bother me a bit if she takes one down (as some of my friends have asked). I’d be right proud of her.

I picked up a doe tag for myself, as I’m really wanting some venison this year. Anyway, we’re heading out in the morning. The weather looks like it will be decent, maybe a little on the warm side in the afternoons. Although, there is a cold front coming in Saturday night.

So wish us luck.

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    1. Kari,
      It didn’t go as well as we hoped (doesn’t it always?). A weather front moved in (and with it winds in the 30-40 mph range) and the deer altered their patterns from what we and others had seen. By the time I figured out where they had gone, it was time to leave. The result of only have the last weekend of the season to hunt in. But, there’s one more late anterless season in January, so all is not lost yet. There’s still another chance to get some venison.

      She still had fun and we saw lots of cool stuff – like a Bald Eagle. So she’s hooked. I knew she would be.

    1. well, we saw some stuff, but couldn’t ever get close enough to take a shot. they always seemed to be where we weren’t. It didn’t help that I really didn’t know the land that well. I really hadn’t had been able to scout as much as I would normally have done. I basically figured it out about the time we had to leave. Hopefully next year she can get a shot.

      Thanks for stopping by Rick!

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