Opening Day!

My favorite weekend of the year is coming up! Dove opener on Labor Day weekend is the kick off to the hunting season for me. I’m so ready this year to hit the fields. Heading out west to Meade, Kansas to do some dove hunting with my buddy Keith and youngest daughter Maria. I’m also going to do a bit of scouting for the muzzleloading deer season later in September. Can’t wait!

Anyone else heading out this weekend? Where you all going?

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  1. I, my son, friend, and dad went out and got 9 doves by Valley Center, KS. Not a ton of birds, but was it alot of fun just watching my son at 3 years old have fun and had good time with dad and friend

    1. That’s great. Always fun to see the young ones getting the hunting bug. We had two 11 year olds and an 9 year old with us this year. We saw some birds, not like previous years though. I think it was too hot out there. Thanks for stopping by Mike.

  2. Elizabeth Foust provided me with this web site. My friend and I are going to start black powder hunting this year in Elk County and she gave me this website. I will keep you posted and try to follow whats going on.


    1. Sweet! I prefer September hunting over December, I’d rather deal with bugs then the cold. You’ll love it. You’ll find less pressure as well. One thing to check for is to make sure you have a processor to take your deer to (if you don’t do it yourself). Most that I checked with out in the Fall River area last year won’t do deer in September. Just remember that it’s warmer and harder to keep the carcass cool. Do some homework now before the season starts. Good luck and keep us posted.

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