Small Game Hunting

huntersI grew up hunting upland birds (pheasant and quail) with my dad and later, my school buddies. That’s just all we did. I have a vague memory of dad coming home with some rabbits when I was very young. Later he told me he didn’t like cleaning them so he stopped. I’ve never really given it much thought through the years until recently.

I’ve been reading lots of stories and articles recently about rabbit and squirrel hunts, using everything from 22’s to small bore black powder rifles. I’m reading these and I’m hearing the joy from these hunters and I’m wondering what I’ve been missing all this time? So now, since pheasant, quail and deer seasons are over, I’ve decided to go find out. The squirrel season here in Kansas is only open until the end of February, so I have to get a start quickly.

So, who out there enjoys small game hunting and what do you get from it (besides the meat obviously)? And one other question, I’ve noticed a lack of rabbits the last few years and wondered if anyone else has noticed that also?

Drop us a note in the comments below and tell us about your rabbit and squirrel hunting adventures.

Keep your powder dry.