Winter Quiet

So, it’s mid February. I’m suffering from cabin fever. Severely.

This last year I’ve really gotten into being outdoors. I started trail running last summer. I went on a few more scouting trips than I have in the past. Did a bit more hunting than I have in previous seasons.

And now, either due to schedule and commitments, I’ve only been able to get out hunting once since December deer season. And I’m going a bit mad. I only want to do a bit of rabbit hunting. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I’m reading around the web, trying to cure my disease by reading some other hunting blogs. Found some interesting stuff, thought I would share a few links.

This is the first time I’ve heard of using Anise Oil for deer scent. Not that I’ve heard it all, I’ve just never heard this before.

Scott Linden Outdoors is not enjoying the stuff his dog is dragging home. Leave a good story there and you might win a Cabela’s gift certificate.

The Lavacore Hunter is talking about goose hunting, or more to the point, goose eating.

Beka scored an awesome buck muzzleloading over at Hunting Life.

Found another Kansas hunter’s blog, Deer Passion.

The Hunter’s Wife is talking about coyote hunting (I’m so jealous).

So that’s it. I hope that will help you – it didn’t me. I still need to get out. Bad. I have a free weekend (I hope) coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get out, at least for a morning and look for some bunnies.

Keep your powder dry.

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  1. Great site, thanks for the mention … some of the early stories are pretty good, but since I’ll pick the best at random for that Cabela’s $25 certificate, everyone should visit.

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