Hunting Gear Review: Game Glide

Faced with the task of dragging a deer out of a cornfield, what better way to put the Game Glide to a test. And test it we did.

My buck was down inside a corn field and we had to get it out, the farmer was due to harvest soon. It was difficult to maneuver in the field as the corn was over six feet tall. I managed to get the deer on the Glide and get it tied up. Keith had gone to get the truck and trailer closer to where we were. Once he got back to where I was, we started dragging.

It really seemed to go pretty well, still difficult, but we were moving. I’m not sure how far we had to go to get to the edge of the field, it seemed pretty far and its hard to gauge distance when all you can see are cornstalks.

At one point, it was very difficult going. We were really laboring to move the deer. We stopped to catch our breath (I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest) and noticed the deer had rolled and the Glide had moved up the side. We repositioned everything, tightened up the cords and were on our way again.

The going was much easier. I can truly say that without the Game Glide, we would probably have given up. I’m not sure the two of us could have gotten that buck out of the corn field without it. It really did make a difference. Keith has drug deer for years (he’s been doing this for a lot longer than I have) and he was even surprised at it.

Now I’m not saying it didn’t take work, we still had to put some muscle into it. But the difference between when the deer was on it and when it wasn’t was amazing. Yeah, it was definitely noticeable.

I give the product a thumbs up. The guys at Game Glide have created an excellent piece of gear!

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    1. Thanks Jason.
      The thing is, that farmer is very good to us and has let us hunt for several years on his land. I couldn’t do that to him. But man, it was disappointing to have to waste all that meat.

  1. A seedling! I’ve killed bigger deer with my jeep! Whats the deal Bill, i believe i would have left that one for another couple of years. At least save your tag till december.
    On another note jason has informed me that lum has said the pheasant hunting will be another banner year (for the umpteenth year in a row). we are getting t-shirts made by the way. But other than that news, we will have a full crew and I myself am ready and i know some of my gang is ready to head west!!

    1. oh man. I just wanted some meat in the freezer. Thanks for busting my chops (again) Nate! =]

      On the pheasants, we have seen quite a few already. But the shirts would be awesome.

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